Litera-cy what I did there? The golden three rules to making it count. I think.


Literacy? I’ve got this. I think.

After convincing anyone within teaching distance that I would make a difference to a whole school approach to literacy, in addition to the recognition of its value within and outside of school, I am just about to embark on my first year as whole school literacy coordinator. So, big boots, you had better live up to your big talk.

I have learned my lesson to some degree at least since my PGCE- less is more. Do things that will stick, things that will be memorable and things that will spark curiosity. I mapped out oodles of ideas before settling on six key elements that I wanted to embed and gauge impact over the following year. I figure that if I blog about them, one of the following things will happen; I will receive constructive criticism from one who knows better, I will inspire someone…

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